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December 27th, 2011, 02:22
Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Clearly you have not looked at the recent postings in the refugee thread.

> While I find a lot of Codexers irritating, I wouldn't ban or kick them. They have the right to speak out too.

Yes they do but they should conform to this sites tempo and tone, not the other way around. That was my only point.
Encouraging conformity, jeez dude, are you sure you run a WoD site? SERIOUSLY? You know, World of Darkness, the games whose founding genres, WERE GOTH AND PUNK. Both fandoms largely about striking out on your own and speaking out about conformity, even when everyone around you looked at you oddly for being weird and/or too outspoken.

Also since my epic curse laden rants keep getting deleted, I find your puerile efforts at passive aggressiveness and doomsaying both amusing and tragically indicative of a person stuck in the high school mindset. Your mindset seems to be, heavy debate with lots of random comments and lots of memes, nothing good ever come from that right, I mean, not anything like revolutions run off twitter, and facebook, or legitimate political movements and protests, again run off these same mediums. You are being rigorously prejudiced towards a site you probably opened one thread on made up your mind about and then left. Signal to noise ratios don't matter much. More than that, the signal to noise ratio of RPGCodex has been very much improved over the few last years as we've been actually filtering out shit posters who spread their filth beyond GD.

There I did it without being overly demeaning or over using crude swears, can you please not delete it this time.
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