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December 27th, 2011, 05:45
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My retort would simply be both subcultures yes were about that to a degree (more secondary then primary goals however) but also just as importantly did not entail forcing ones views on another. Which is what you are in essence saying. We are here now and you people should lower your posting standards because of it. Please do not say otherwise and have me waste my time linking to post after post of codex folks stating that in one form or another.

You are totally twisting the entire point of those subcultures to fit into your argument.

But in the end it has less to do with conformity and more to do with simple tact and etiquette. Both of which are quite high in the goth subculture as a whole. If you can not express yourself in a way that does not violate the fairly lax rules here then you prob should find one that allows for such low brow postings and move on. Generally speaking neither subculture is high on anarchy which is what the codex was close too posting standards wise.
Dude, we haven't asked anyof of y'all to attempt to lower your posting standards at all. We've just asked that you lower the bullshit, OH WE'RE SO BETTER THAN YOU because this and that. And you know what, RPGCodex is a forum that is 10 times more active, and has about 3 times the members of the watch as far as I've seen. It also features far more HONEST discussion about mechanics than I can find by browsing the archives of this forum. We don't have to dilly dally hem and ha, about if we're going to offend someone if we say something, and THAT MY FRIENDS IS WHAT PUNK WAS ABOUT. That's the reason I fell into the crowd I did in college, because I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT I WAS SAYING, didn't have to doll up my speech, didn't have to behave in any way other than what was instinctual(Note this was back in the early 90s when I first entered College,) because if I said something that offended someone, I'd probably get punched in the face. There wouldn't be a "Sir, you're being offensive please stop." There'd just be a fist to my head and and small tussle while you figured out who was boss.

Allow me to quote the wikipedia Punk subculture page, "Common punk viewpoints include anti-authoritarianism, a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not selling out"

We aren't attempt to force our views upon you, you are perceiving us as forcing our views upon you, we are arguing with you about whose points are correct. Fact, when you go into an argument it's best to believe your side is superior,otherwise you don't actually support your argument, true or false?

Note that at any point in time you or I could just decide to end this little tussle and walk away. But no, we're both arrogant assholes who can't let a point lie, so we continue to argue it.
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