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December 27th, 2011, 10:10
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
I revel in this nightmare pit of idiotic bigots vanishing.
"I revel…" = I supremely immerse and enjoy myself in… (eg: pigs in shit)
"this nightmare pit…" = hole full of bad dreams.
"…of idiotic bigots…" = people of low intelligence who expect good behavior from others while not adhering to their own principles (eg: priests, politicians)
"vanishing" = the process of disappearing

Now put it together:
"I feel like a pig in shit in a hole full of bad dreams of priests and politicians of low intelligence who are in the process of disappearing."


- Bethesda sucks
- EA is donkey doo
- Bioware sucks EA donkey doo
- Obsidian is incompetent
- Interplay needs to die
- Jowood sucks
- Fallout 1 is the only good game ever made
Now this is interesting. It obviously means the average Watcher thinks that:
- Bethesda is awesome in every aspect
- EA is great, too. They should charge much more for their games since they are so awesome. We love giving them access to our private computers.
- Bioware is the bestest evar. Who else would have the audacity to combine gay-lesbian dating sims with cover based shooter mechanics to make the best story-driven RPGs imaginable?
- Obsidian is competent. KotOR2: most finished and polished product ever. NWN2: So good, it didn't need a single patch. Other devs still try to copy the awesomeness of the camera controls and UI. Their other games just improved upon those strengths.
- Interplay and especially Herve Caen are the sole bastion of trustworthiness and morality left in today's industry (apart from EA, OE, Bioware, Bethesda, Jowood and every other dev and publisher). They have provided us with so many awesome games in the last 5 years that it'd really be a shame if they went belly up.
- Jowood is so awesome it's hard to express in words. When they dumped Pyranha Bytes and brought the Gothic series to where it always should have been that was a glorious day. Whenever one of their games won't install because of broken copy-protection/DRM it's a day to be marked as especially good in our My-Little-Pony diary. The only better days are when the games install and stutter. Awesome gameplay.
- Fallout 1 is the only bad game ever made

Hey, this extreme prejudicing is quite cool. I could never have gotten away with this on the codex. (Just kidding. The codex morons can be even worse. Especially since they should know better and generally consider themselves to be above such stupidity.)

And it's "Roll-A-Die", FFS.
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