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December 27th, 2011, 09:49
Crispy is getting fucking annoying.

Anyway, I have to concur with the sentiments of the gentlemen above. As a fellow scotch appreciator, I started with the very cheap stuff (Old Smuggler, Johnnie Walker) and also tried Irish whiskey and various bourbons (Jameson, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam), even venturing to cognac sometimes (still enjoy a good Courvoisier).

I started moving up the leagues while sticking to the brands (different Johnnie Walker labels), and ended up recently buying a 30 years old Glenfiddich. I can easily say that if I hadn't gone through the "trouble" of trying all those other brands and the lower quality (blended and blended malt), I would never have been able to truly appreciate and enjoy the aged single malt. I still drink Black/Red Label Johnnie Walker and other blended whiskies, usually when I actually want to get drunk - no other liquor really appeals to me anymore, so I stick with it. But wasting good single malt scotch on getting drunk seems like a travesty - I drink it moderately, and stop when I feel I'm not appreciating it fully anymore.

Edit: I also started more or less artificially, btw. I never liked beer, and wine never gets me drunk. Vodka and spirits were good, but in the end, drinking citrus-flavored shit seemed girly anyway. I ended up drinking scotch (and because I heard it in a movie, ordered it "on the rocks"). I never drink scotch outside of room temperature nowadays, of course - not because people say I shouldn't - but because cold whisky tastes like soap to me.
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