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December 27th, 2011, 10:53
Huh…we haven't tracked a new Circle of Eight release for a while but I noticed on ModDB there's a new major release that includes new content. The files are available at ModDB or the release notes via the Circle of Eight forums. A small snip from the patch notes:
Dateline December 20, 2011, USA

The Circle of Eight is pleased to present the latest versions of the modpack for Troika Games' Temple of Elemental Evil - Circle of Eight Modpacks 7.0.0 and 7.0.0 NC.
Both modpacks are identical, save for the major new content expansions included in the NC version. These now include:

War of the Golden Skull - a high level expansion where the village of Hommlet comes under seige from the powerful Hextorite army, intent on locating and taking possession of the nebulous Golden Skull.

Other updates in Circle of Eight Modpack 7.0.0 include:


- Overhauled pregenerated characters so their hairstyles and colors match their portraits, so that strongmen are strong enough to wear heavy armor, and so that facemen are competent in social skills.
- Fixed pregenerated iconic characters Mialee and Tordek's incorrect portraits.
- Removed giant PC pregenerated character because it mysteriously stopped working.
- Fixed halberd and masterwork halberd long descriptions so they're not listed as reach weapons.
- Reassigned many script IDs to promote organization.
- Added ability to locate extraplanar chest if you leave it on a map and don't take it with you.
- Fixed exploit where you could rest indefinitely on second floor of inns when you only paid for 24 hours.
- Fixed targeting problem with spell Good Hope.
- Reduced volume of spell sound effects for multi-target spells by limiting playback to single instance rather than once for each target: Cone of Cold, Confusion, Consecrate, Deep Slumber, Desecrate, Flame Strike, Holy Smite, Ice Storm, Mind Fog, Prismatic Spray, Scare, Sleep, Sleet Storm, Spike Growth, Spike Stones.
- Removed Acid Fog spell, as it is apparently an irrevocably illegal spell due to being spell number 000.
- Fixed bug where Wonnilon, Jaer, and Wicked would cause problems with NPC interventions upon entering combat.
- Lowered CR on greater temple bugbear (proto 14174) and greater temple bugbear leader (proto 14346) by 2.
- Fixed rare bug in Hommlet joinable NPCs' dying scripts that could cause Butcher of Hommlet rep.
- Changed dragon meshes and added custom sound effects.
- Improved firepit on random encounter scrub road.
- Added unique critter sounds for bearded devils.
- Fixed duration of Giant Vermin spell.
- Fixed AI exploit where Spiritual Weapon could be abused by making enemies not target them.
- Fixed bug with Summon Monster spells initiative.
- Bulletproofed reward encounter scheduling.
- Updated Co8 section of in-game Help.
- Added five missing iconic pregenerated characters: Aramil, Eberk, Gimble, Kerwyn, and Naull.
- Added stone giants.
More information.
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