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December 27th, 2011, 12:34
Originally Posted by Damian Mahadevan View Post
Actually SWTOR is easily better than WoW. I love it. Excellent story and actually very fun considering it is an MMO.
It is much better its a mix of the goold old kotor with a interisting story for each character class and a classic wow clone. Theres really a lot to do, even shooter sequences , and i dont remember a mmo in better shape with so much content at release.
However outside the storyline quest, its always go fetch x , kill y , full voiced with cinematic, yes but it gets boring very fast. I ended up skipping most quests and just doing the xp in pvp. Hutt ball is really an interisting concept, and dare to say fun.
After the garbage that was dragon age 2, its a good surprise.
Now for mass effect 3 i dont see why you should cover it, its gear of war with dialogue choices more than likely.Strangely i dont see very good titles like dark souls covered by the watch, although considerably superior as a rpg than latest bioware games.
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