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December 27th, 2011, 16:25
I was going to suggest some Telvanni mods, but since you're playing a Thief I highly doubt you're going to join that great house. Anyway, should you decide to replay the game with a magic-oriented character (which is the most satisfying way of playing Morrowind, anyway) you'll want to add:

Uvirith's Legacy - this kicks in after you build the Tel Uvirith's stronghold. Aside from a massive interior overhaul, it adds TONS of quests which often allow you to make choices. Most of them are also very interesting and well made (for instance, in one particular quest you have to act as a judge in a sort of trial).

Rise of House Telvanni - the second must-have Telvanni mods. Adds around 20 post-Archamagister quests strongly focused on choices and consequences.

Aside from these, I'd also suggest:

Havish - A *great* Daggerfall-inspired landmass with lots of quests. The thieves guild ones, in particular, are some of the best thief-oriented quests I've played in pretty much any RPG. Since you're playing a thief char, this is obviously
highly recommended.

LGNPC series - Aside from adding depth to characters which previously had none, these plugins also add mostly well-made quests which often allow you to make choices with appropriate consequences (Pax Redoran in particular is nothing short of amazing, but you'll have to join house Redoran to play most of the content, and you're unlikely to be able to do that with a thief character)

Tamriel Rebuilt - tons of quests, generally much more complex than vanilla ones (not that this is saying much, considering that 90% of vanilla quests are fetch tasks, but still) and occasionally there are multiple ways to complete them.

Juniper's Twin Lamps and Vivec's Fate - the former is suggested if you're going to play an abolitionist, while the latter requires you to complete the main quest. Both have a strong focus on choices and consequences.

Originally Posted by bloodlover View Post
What great house would be best to join for a Nightblade class in terms of reward and compatibility?
House Hlaalu. Unfortunately, while Telvannis got all those awesome plugins and Redorans have LGNPX Pax Redoran, there are almost no good mods for Hlaalus - the equivalent for Rise of House Telvanni would be Grandmaster of Hlaalu, but the latter has neither the depth nor the scope of the former.
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