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December 27th, 2011, 16:59
Originally Posted by Macumbeiro View Post
Who's the King Dumbfuck, Repressed Homosexual, Weasel and most importantly Illiterate?

I may have seen some of them before but I don't remember who's who exactly, but someone who has the Illiterate tag surely has a fascinating post history

Why are you so butthurt about Sub?
It isn't Sub as an individual - I don't even know her, apart from her Codex postings, and given that I don't check General Discussion all that often, I don't even read a lot of those. I've raised her as an example when talking about this issue because she typifies my problem with a certain segment of the GD users, under conditions where the Codex was facing collapse (and now HAS collapsed) due to the strain of excess users. My view was always that surely the RPGcodex should be first and foremost a place for discussion of RPGs, with discussion of other games allowed in secondary forums as an aside IF the server could handle it. The idea that we should let people who have absolutely no interest in crpgs take up server load under these circumstances is apalling.

So I don't hate Sub. I hate what she represents (and the same goes for Higher Game, and all the others who have never indicated the slightest interest in discussing crpgs - you know, the main reason WHY you join a rpg forum), and she just happens to make herself an easier target by laughing at the very idea of being interested in computer games, let alone crpgs.

I'm not butthurt about Sub. I'm butthurt that we let the Codex fall because we allowed people with absolutely no interest in crpgs, and who frankly were only a slight step away from implying that they too nerdy for their interest. I'm butthurt that we prioritised folks who wanted yet another 4chan clone ahead of folks who wanted no-sacred-cows rpg discussion.

I'm butthurt that the folks that polluted the crpg forums had no legitimate reason for choosing an rpg forum to start with, unless they'd literally been driven out of every single general discussion forum on the net. Why the fuck do you join a rpg discussion forum if you have absolutely no interest in discussing, or even reading about, rpgs? Nobody has ever answered that for me.

I'm butthurt that a bunch of 4chan wannabes destroyed the Codex. And frankly that's something that I'm proud to be butthurt about.
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