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December 27th, 2011, 20:29
Daily Report

The off-post activity continues. It seems the authorities outside the gates aren't as quick to merge it all, and I'm tired of venturing outside myself to try to police up these yokels, so I just don't give a shit anymore. Besides, my efforts seem to be instilling some degree of resentment among the enlisted, so I'm going to back off for now. It ain't my problem anymore.

The disturbing trend of soliciting for and joining of these "Friend Lists" as they're apparently known also continues. This is simply unacceptable, however. I realize that when we're out here in the cold, all having to fend for ourselves, this kind of unhealthy and wholly unCodexian kind of fraternization is going to occur, but it is no less abhorrent. Those who are participating are going to be allowed to do so, for now, since there's not much anyone can do about it at the moment. But rest assured, once The Commandant has finished with his work and our glorious empire is restored, those who have chosen to participate will not be forgotten, nor forgiven. There will be repercussions.

Oh yes, there will be.

P.S. we seem to have had a crazy native sneak on base and who has somehow managed to stir up the barracks with some crazy preaching of tolerance, sensitivity and even multicultural acceptance, the results of which, while amusing, are definitely detrimental not to our own morale but to the overall security of the base and to the peace treaty currently in place with our landlords. This may take some delicate explanation and appeasal to undo and to keep them off our backs. Tensions are definitely on the rise…
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