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December 27th, 2011, 22:22
That was my general impression as well. It had some of the best mechanics ever for recreating 3rd edition rules. But the game was released in an extremely unfinished state with a lot of the content missing. So despite the great mechanics it was never actually a great game in it's original form. That's even ignoring the numerous game breaking bugs and the fact that the horrible AI killed any challenge in many of the encounters.

So anyway I never played the Co8 patch, but given how much of a mess the original game was, I'd certainly encourage anyone to use it. It's not like the original had some great artistic vision that the patch will disrupt.

Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
I loved the mechanics of this game. Best use of design in laying out the complexities of D&D. The radial wheels are fantastic, helping to remind you which characters have which abilities… I'm always forgetting about special abilities in these games. Easy to read typeface (I'm sick of the Olde English and yellowed parchment crap). Great music too.

But what's the deal with the temple itself? Are you just supposed to go kill everything inside it? I ultimately got bored with trekking back and forth just to rest and avoid random encounters. The back and forth got to be as much work as fighting, exploring, etc.

So what's the deal with this game? Did I just miss the point?
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