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December 28th, 2011, 12:30
@ ChiBee

Gee, can I sleep sometime? Those who don't sleep get ugly skin and… wrinkles! And fatness, too! Do you want an ugly, fat, wrinkly witch instead of a pretty little witch? Well, do you?

Now I see it… that's all I am to you, ain't I? A Let's Play machine! Never hugs, never cuddles, never really silly nicknames. Never heart shaped chocolates, cheesy poetry, nor roses sprayed blue either. Let's play during the day, then let's play during the night. You haven't even introduced me to your parents! You did promise, remember? No, of course you don't. It's all let's play to you. And if I get ugly skin, fatness, and wrinkles you'll just chuck me in the garbage and think nothing more about it.

So what about, like, let's play no more? It's over, you hear me? Like, totally over. Super duper double mega over. I'm going back to cook little children in the chicken legged hut grandma left me, as I should have been doing all along. Let's Play yourself from now on, that's why you have two hands. Hmpf.

"Oitsukenai SUPIIDO de. Nee tsuitekureru no? Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi. Hikarikagayaku kedo furerarenai no, masa ni supersonic n hypertonic, ubatte hoshii no you take me ima sugu. Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi. Kedo kantan ni wa ikanai no yo!"
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