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December 28th, 2011, 13:04
Originally Posted by Wicked Witch of Loliland View Post
Now I see it that's all I am to you, ain't I? A Let's Play machine! Never hugs, never cuddles, never really silly nicknames. Never heart shaped chocolates, cheesy poetry, nor roses sprayed blue either.
Never hugs? Never cuddles? Why do you have to be so cruel? Don't you remember the time we spent together? The hugs I gave you, the emoticons I sent your way? All the memories we shared? Sorry, neko witch, I'm not a poet. I'll never be. But I love you, I really do. Take my my word for it. For I have nothing else to give.

Originally Posted by Wicked Witch of Loliland View Post
Let's play during the day, then let's play during the night.
I thought you enjoyed playing together during the night. Why do you have to kill me so?

Originally Posted by Wicked Witch of Loliland View Post
You haven't even introduced me to your parents! You did promise, remember? No, of course you don't.
I do remember. It's just that I didn't want to tell you. So I I had to lie. You see, this bee ain't got no parents. I'm an orphan bee. Part of the hivemind. Anonymous. Born without a name. Individualised only through my crookedness and wily ways. Now you know, but you won't take pity. I don't deserve your pity. I'm a crooked bee, after all. I'll rather go cry myself to sleep now, and dream of the sweet past, our past, not the merciless present.

Originally Posted by Wicked Witch of Loliland View Post
So what about, like, let's play no more? It's over, you hear me? Like, totally over. Super duper double mega over. I'm going back to cook little children in the chicken legged hut grandma left me, as I should have been doing all along. Let's Play yourself from now on, that's why you have two hands. Hmpf.
You break my heart, o wicked witch. What am I to do with my hands now that you're gone?

(A pretty cool smiley, that.)
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