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December 28th, 2011, 13:55
I'm bored, i'm tired, I have been sleeping three hours a day for about a week, I feel like crap after all the festivities, it's summer and I get sick if I go out before nightfall in summer, I'm pretty depressed, and so it is either posting foolishly here while chatting on SMS with my friends who are actually having fun or studying metaphysics? ._.

You should have seen me in summer back when I was still active in Gaia Online and we actually got a small amount of gold for every single post we made.

And, to be honest, KKKodex-in-Watch is more fun than KKKodex itself ever was.
"Oitsukenai SUPIIDO de. Nee tsuitekureru no? Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi. Hikarikagayaku kedo furerarenai no, masa ni supersonic n hypertonic, ubatte hoshii no you take me ima sugu. Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi. Kedo kantan ni wa ikanai no yo!"
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