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December 30th, 2011, 00:10
I found out (while chatting with … azraelck … (had to look up the name first, lol) ) that for starters, some things are different. Of course. For example the need to get good stuff for survival, and to sell unwanted things.

For example, there is a "fungus collector" named "Farrik Foe-Cleaver" in the Jorasco Enclave, which gives you for 3 x "Drowhood" I think this was the name, 3 x a … stw that works like/as if you had used the spell "strength of the bull" or how it is called.

Which can come in quite handy in some places.

Or that … Rudolf Rightman in the Market-Place … He once gave me for a rare book … I think it was called "Myths of X'endrik" or so … an impressive +1 strength belt … Of course for starters this is much more important than for later levels, I guess.

I think that the rarity of the collectible also plays a role :

If a collector wants 3 x an item, the bounty is good …
If the collector wants 2 x an item, the result is even better …
If the collector wants 1 x an item, the bounty/result is the best one, I guess. Because the 1 x item is the rarest of them …

I sell some of these items, but keep others. What would I do - for example - without those staffs for curing middle-range wounds ?

Edit : By the way, I also had some slight problems with the quiver : It showed what I call "ghost-arrows", because they were shown of being inside of the "bag", although they were already gone.
That was corrected, however, as soon as I placed new arrows into this "bag".
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