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December 30th, 2011, 09:24
* H2O/FOD/SLP rates doubled, but the first threshold is moved from 200 to 400 (statuses roll over ever 150 after).
This I am not 100% sure of. How often will it mean that you will have to eat/drink in game hours ? I thought the current rates on Hardcore were not that bad…

Seems interesting though. Will give it a shot when I feel like getting the last couple of DLC I am missing.

And yeah, it would be really nice if someone did something similar for Skyrim. As that game's "fantasy world sim" part is what it has going for it (it certainly is not the rpg in it ) it would greatly enhance the realism and immersion aspects (I could look in another 120 hour replay with a mod like that and a few graphical tweaks in a year or so )
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