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December 30th, 2011, 11:08
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Sounds like the game will become a survival/frustration simulator. Not really my thing - but I appreciate any mod from a developer that provides insight into what he REALLY wanted from the game as opposed to what they thought would work financially.

I love hardcore modes and stuff like this, but if the game isn't fully designed around such harsh conditions - it will always be a battle of conflicting designs. Which is why I think it would be frustrating to play this - given the UI and overall combat/balance approach, though I haven't tried it.

What a gaming world it would be if developers were allowed to fully realise their vision, instead of catering to audiences.

Then again, would anything ever get released?
Overall this seems like a dry, colorless, and completely mechanical mod, solely focused on decreasing likelihood of survival. I'd much rather see a focus on changes to the virtual world adding motivations for survival; if my PC keeps dying there needs to be a lot of somethings worth surviving for, or who needs it? Why build a world and then make it damn near impossible to experience that world?

Give me a new character, or more depth to an old character; more interactions with characters or places in the existing world; more places; more colors. A single joyous AHA moment.

I'm just not turned on by increasing pain with nothing to show for it…
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