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December 30th, 2011, 11:34
It's one thing to simulate a harsh environment, but if the game is designed around entertainment and constant rewards - it clashes heavily. The game is, in most ways, a traditional cRPG which will reward combat and questing - and if you're fighting the UI along with harsh needs for survival, you're not really getting a good flow.

That's what I mean by the game needing to be designed around something like this.

The original "hardcore" mode of NV seemed appropriate for the game. It wasn't all that harsh, but it had immersive qualities that made the whole thing more engaging.

This kind of mod, to my mind, is a misunderstanding.

Then again, some people are bound to enjoy it anyway - regardless of any "design" conflicts.

I think some people enjoy the idea of being challenging in a very harsh environment so much, that they don't really mind how the design clashes with the gameplay.




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