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December 30th, 2011, 12:06
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
Exactly. I like to use all resources a game gives me to advance and getting in hard to reach areas and/or beat extreme difficult enemies. In many modern games even on high difficulty this approach breaks the game balance, because too many resources are available.

Cutting resources leads to more thinking - this is true in real life as well.
I agree that almost all modern games (cRPGs in particular) are too easy to break.

That's because most of the audience isn't concerned with balance, and only the minority will bother investing themselves enough to make it happen.

Sucks to be part of the minority, especially since we're a big part of the industry even being here - but that doesn't mean we're entitled to anything.

Mods are great, to be sure, but they can't really change things at the core without a huge effort.




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