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December 30th, 2011, 13:20
I guess it's a worthwhile effort but I coincidentally started replaying this a couple weeks ago and I've come to the conclusion the game is just hopelessly broken when it comes to providing any sort of challenge. I attempted to make my own difficulty mod with things such as reducing the earned exp from all sources by 90% (level 15 a few hours into the game is ridiculous especially considering all the level lists seem to think level 8 should qualify for > noob loot drops) and it just doesn't matter what I do. They made this game to be easy enough that a retarded 9 year old could play it without much trouble, and that's what it is. Next time I suggest that Obsidian make their game hard as the default design choice and scale the difficulty up or down from there, instead of making it trivial by default and then adding some minor tweaks that they somehow believe will make it ball-busting on higher difficulty settings. Although, in this case I'm really not sure what they could have done since they were limited by the engine Bethesda provided to them and Bethesda is not a big fan of challenging gameplay.
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