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December 30th, 2011, 12:46
It's a pity it requires all the DLCs, since this makes it unavailable to anyone from Eastern Europe.

It only requires all mods because he mickey-moused the level cap down from 50 most likely. That and he had to nerf all the new food items. Although, making things like alcohol and softdrinks hydrate but "heal less" isn't really a nerf. More of a buff, really. Anyone who takes heavy damage in New Vegas isn't playing the game right and I have to take care of food and water needs a hell of a lot more often than I need to heal up. The only thing I saw on his list that looked like it's really going to make a big difference was the lowered weight limit. And, that's an "annoyance factor" issue not a "challenge" issue. That's why I'm not going to bother with this even though i have all the DLCs. I don't really trust these guys when it comes to tweaks having the desired effect (and without breaking something else in the process) and actually I'm not even sure I trust their stated intent. The faction system for instance is deliberately broken in that there are scripts which force factions to "enemy" regardless of the player's interactions with that faction in the past. There are others which send hit teams after the player based on how the player finished a quest, even if the player previously wasn't "vilified" by that faction. And the player will then be "vilified" because the hit-team script makes it so. Ever seen somebody on the forums complaining they don't understand why NRC (or whoever) is trying to kill them when they'd been working on raising their NCR(or whoever) faction? Well, that's why. Kinda sucks they give you so many options to do things without pissing anyone of and then issue a scripted "screw you" without any warning. I assume they put that in at the last minute because they had all the cool faction disguises and a clever player never even needed them. And Karma? Seriously? Why is that even in this game? You can get to very evil in 10 minutes by picking up junk off the ground and you can get to very good again in another 10 minutes by killing respawning powder gangers or any other respawning random mobs. Karma is ever more pathetic in New Vegas than it was in FO3. Am I supposed to take a dev's word for it that these issues (which seem to me to be deliberate) are better now, and not worse?

And by the way, can I still take a cowboy repeater off a dead prospector when I'm level 2 and kill all the giant scorpions that are supposed to be blocking me from going where I'm not supposed to be just by sneak attacking them repeatedly while I stand on a rock they can't (or won't) get to? Nobody but me ever does that, though, right? Everyone else does as the dev's intended and runs in with a worn out shovel and dies a heroic death and says "damn this game is HARD!" right?
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