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December 30th, 2011, 16:56
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The original "hardcore" mode of NV seemed appropriate for the game.
To me it was a joke, just a minor nuisance. I wanted hardcore mode to bring survivalist aspects to a post-apoc game, I wanted to have to drink out of an irradiated toilet bowl because there was no other water source for miles of scorching desert, I wanted to have to carefully consider each item I would bring with me on a trek because I'd have limited carrying capacity, should I bring one more water bottle or 12 more shotgun shells?

The original hardcore mode added none of these challenges to the game, world was saturated with water and food sources, same with ammo and magic potions.

Then again the setting and gameworld themselves don't lend themselves to such a "hardcore" mode to begin with, it's a post-post-apoc game where plentiful water, food and ammo are par for the course and with such short running distances between settlements any attempt to shove survivalist aspects of running out of food, water or medicine during a 1-2 minute run between settlements will only be annoying.

Up until this point I always assumed that NV's hardcore mode was just something they tacked onto the game copying whatever mods were most popular for FO3, same as the weapon upgrades. FO3's setting is the one that actually lends itself well to scarcity of clean water, food, ammo and medicine.
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