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December 30th, 2011, 17:47
Does CRPG stand for Computer Roleplaying Game? I never knew what that C meant.

Anyway, here's a list of my top 10 RPGs ever, subject to definitely change depending on my mood:

10 - Super Mario RPG - First RPG to take place in the Mario world. It was great that the main villain wasn't Bowser this time, and that he could actually join your party in the fight. Some great music to be found here too, such as Geno's Maze Theme, and others. Also was innovative in the fact it added some platforming gaming to an RPG. Brilliant game.

9 - Sukoden 3 - Had a very interesting story telling system in which a similar story was being told from 3 unique vantage points. It really made you care about the main characters as their lives intermixed. Classic Suikoden gameplay with a possible 108 party members. Gotta find 'em all! Great game.

8 - Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together - The best turn-based strategy game ever. Had more depth in the gameplay than Final Fantasy Tactics, and if a character died in battle, they died forever! That was very innovative and hardcore at the time. I will never forget playing in a way that ensured all my main characters wouldn't die. Had a very cool political story with a few branching choices to be made, and based on your decisions certain party members would or wouldn't join you. A very good game.

7 - Suikoden - While Suikoden 3 is probably the better game, the original Suikoden shines as being the first game in existence where you could collect up to 108 possible party members, hidden all throughout the land. At the time it was simply incredibly fun to collect them all and try them all in battle. If you found the right combination of characters it would create a special attack you could choose in battle, and half the fun was trying to find these special combinations. Also told a cool political story and had fun gameplay. A classic RPG.

6 - Lost Odyssey - Just a flat out beautiful game. A love letter to classic RPG gaming, such as the classic Final Fantasy series. First RPG I've ever played where the main characters are actually immortal and can't die, and this leads to many interesting twists along the way. Beautiful story sequences told through short stories actually made me tear up once or twice. The music is equally brilliant as well. Overall, a gem of an RPG.

5 - Final Fantasy 6 - A great JRPG where you played the main role as a magical Esper character. Had an interesting cast of characters, a great villain in Kefka, and an incredibly epic "twist" which changed the entire game world completely. Up to this point I'd never seen that type of twist in a video game before, and it was just simply epic. A game I can still play today and have lots of fun.

4 - Skyrim - It may have just came out, but Skyrim is easily one of the best games I've ever played. The atmosphere, the immersion factor, the exploration, the sights and sounds, everything about this game is mesmerizing. Probably the most immersive game I've ever played, as I can just lose myself for hours at a time in this game. Great game.

3 - Morrowind - The first TES game I had the pleasure of playing. I'll never forget my dad buying this game at a yard sale, coming home and popping it in the Xbox, not knowing what to expect, and being completely blown away by my first open-world experience ever. The game was massive. The world was alien. There were so many secrets to uncover and things to discover in this game, it just blew my mind. There is a level of hand-placement of both loot and enemies that makes this game very special.

2 - Final Fantasy 7 - This is probably part nostalgia, but FF7 also captured my imagination as a child and didn't let go. I'll always remember Aeris, and Sephiroth, and Cloud, and the Weapon enemies (that took me forever to finally beat them), and Cid, and I could go on forever with this game. I'll never forget Chocobo racing, and breeding a Chocobo in order to get all the secret loot that was hidden in the near impossible to reach places. My first ever game where the time played read 99:99:99, for the majority of time I played it! A true classic.

1 - Chrono Trigger - This game just mesmerized me as a kid, and still does to this day. Fantastic graphics, brilliant music that I still play to this day, a very unique and imaginative story, memorable and lovable characters, fun gameplay, this game has everything. A work of art. Unmatched by any RPG I've ever played, nothing has since captured my imagination as much as this game. And to think it was all done on the lowly SNES.

Honorable mentions - Blue Dragon, Diablo, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Cross
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