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December 30th, 2011, 19:25
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I think MM7 has been properly given its due here. M&M7 had that find and then furnish your castle feature that was pretty unique in its time. I loved M&M7 but for me it just came out too close to 6 and pretty much seemed like and expansion to the M&M6 world - it really did not seem like a different game at all. AND I HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. But when I pick between the two I have to give the nod to 6.
MM6 had a bigger world and better dungeons, but I still prefer MM7. The thing that made MM7 better was the extra complexity to party development. With MM6, every character could eventually be equally good at every skill. Once you got past the first dozen levels or so, your choice of starting classes was pointless. In MM7, with the expert/master/GM caps tied to each class, you had to think about how you made up your party and (much like Wiz8) inevitably you couldn't have the best of everything in one party. Choices like that made character and party development far more interesting and also gave the game much better replayability.
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