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December 30th, 2011, 23:30
8 - Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together - The best turn-based strategy game ever. Had more depth in the gameplay than Final Fantasy Tactics, and if a character died in battle, they died forever! That was very innovative and hardcore at the time. I will never forget playing in a way that ensured all my main characters wouldn't die. Had a very cool political story with a few branching choices to be made, and based on your decisions certain party members would or wouldn't join you. A very good game.
Glad to see this game on here, fantastic game… there is remake out for the PSP.

1 - Chrono Trigger - This game just mesmerized me as a kid, and still does to this day. Fantastic graphics, brilliant music that I still play to this day, a very unique and imaginative story, memorable and lovable characters, fun gameplay, this game has everything. A work of art. Unmatched by any RPG I've ever played, nothing has since captured my imagination as much as this game. And to think it was all done on the lowly SNES.
Another fantastic game, glad to see it as well on the list.
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