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December 31st, 2011, 02:41
You don't think he'll do a horse armor mod?

Horses are out. Titties are in. Bethesda only likes titties when they can blame them on modders since they like to sell their games to kids. However, anime barbie dolls made out of shiny vinyl are also in and kids like that so I predict Todd Howard will do a ruberized anime barbie doll mod and that he will call it Elder Scrolls VI.

Arwen's mod sounds interesting. Seems like she tried to compensate for the poor game mechanics by turning into a survival simulator. That's not really what the devs envisioned - I think they're aiming at sandbox shooter with an RPG veneer - but it could be fun nonetheless. Maybe I'll give it a look in a year or two when I get ready to play through it again
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