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December 31st, 2011, 03:55
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post
Okay Harlequin, now that you did your blog duty - just go ahead and Cut&Paste your list here. :-)

BTW, I too feel a little guilty about putting not only Skyrim but Fallout Vegas on any revised top ten by me. But sometimes when you're playing a game your realize at the very time you're playing the game that it's a great game. It happened to me with Might & Magic 6, No One Lives Forever, X-Com, Fallout Vegas and now Skyrim.
I did 2 pages back, I simply expanded the reasons for said list in my blog. But the basic list s the same.

Someone mentioned Starflight and that was a very good sci-fi CRPG in it's day. A huge amount of stats, exploring and choices to be had. If I did a top #15 list both that and Bard's Tale would have found their way on the list.

I feel quite justified in including NV and Skyrim on my list. Both very different reasons however. NV is a high bar of writing, story and choices in the main plot. Skyrim is the ultimate sandbox CRPG, just like a PnP RPG. Where you can pretty much go and do anything and become whoever you want. Near total freedom.
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