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December 31st, 2011, 16:31
Originally Posted by Mortmal View Post
Using a 24" lcd the image is perfect but mine is 1920x1080, i think you wont notice much stretching, it will adapt like if your pc was sending it that just test it like that and see if its acceptable.
Another issue is the sound , hope you have a sound jack on your monitor, the only usb headsets you can plug on the ps3 are for the online talk, not the game sound effects, both sadly doesnt mix, or if it does i havent found it.
The ps3 isnt delivered with an hdmi(you have hdmi on your monitor right ?) cable either, remember to order one as well.
So if the PS3 doesn't come with an hdmi cable how does it connect to a regular hdtv? I'm planning on using an hdmi to dvi adaptor. But I thought the PS3 would at least come with an hdmi cable.

For sound I'm not going to use the monitor. From what I've read you can use a regular 2.1 system to output sound, no?
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