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December 31st, 2011, 17:43
You dont even get a yuv cable with the ps3 but a mediocre composite , i dont think the lcd has that interface , not commonly and anyway its mediocre , well check your interfaces.But yes you could also order a ps3 dvi cable, one with a switch to be more convenient with your pc.

For your sound setup here's what i found:

Connecting the basic sound setup - 2.1

This is a simple process. Your PS3 should have come with a component cable (Red, White and Yellow connectors). The other end of that cable will be a special connector that will go into the back of your PS3 (called AV Multi Out). You can ignore the Yellow cable (which is video). You can connect the Red and White cable into an amplifier or a component to headphone connector. From here, you can connect speakers and get 2.1 channels of sound.
Another way is to output that audio through your computer speakers.

I dont think you can setup easily something like that with an hdmi or dvi cable.
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