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January 1st, 2012, 03:32

There seems to be some problems with the patch system for SWTOR, particular related to 64-bit Windows with 3Gb+ memory. The game currently doesn't handle crashes/disconnects properly and can leave your installation in a corrupted state. I recommend you backup your current working installation.

Another problem is that clean install from DVDs isn't able to patch up to the latest version. Some patch servers have errors in their patch files. Might be corrected in the near future though (I hope for their sake! ).

A third problems is fragile DVD install procedure. A single read error from the DVDs will abrupt the installation with no explanation of reason. Recommend you make a copy of the DVDs as iso files with ImgBurn and use Virtual CloneDrive to mount them when needed.


My friend experienced a peculiar problem of disconnecting when he joined the conversations on a flashpoint. The solution was to have him start the conversations and me joining in.
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