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January 1st, 2012, 06:18
Originally Posted by cacaro View Post
This sounds genuinely interesting. However, from the examples you're bringing here it seems that the consequences to your choices are merely cosmetical - are there other significant consequences to your actions aside from a few remarks in the following dialogues? Such as branching paths, quests being closed off and so on?
Oh my! Someone supporting me! Yay!

Of course it isn't cosmetical. I'll lay down some examples of your actions affecting the story in the current release and in the next release.

Current release choice effects (ones that you'll see in this release already):

Winning/losing at tag alters dialogue and may alter your view on a "remembering childhood" sidequest involving your party members.

Giving a Book to X will make sure they don't expose you to the town guard and get you kicked out of the town permanently! And yes, the town will change later in the game based on other choices not in the current release so not being let back into the town does cut you out of later content.

Choices you make that you won't see the effects of in this release but will in exactly the next release (which the game still won't be done at that):

A hobo's life is in your hands and he'll either die, be put in an Arena (part of the main quest), or pay off his debt (in two different ways from your actions).

A few other NPC's lives are in your hands without you even knowing it (the game doesn't tell you they're going to die and/or that what you do, if you do anything at all, affects their lives).

The choices are far from cosmetic and are done just as well as any AAA RPG such as Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol, etc.

By the way, I didn't update the download link in this topic because nobody was caring. Since somebody has cared, this download link will let you download the last patch for this release of Words, meaning the game should work 100% like it's supposed to, minus a few typos at most:


Oh and in the case of choosing which party members you get first, there are no choices gained or lost doing that, just additional dialogue. Obviously Disu can't speak if she's not in the part when you go to get Ling. And if you act like a dick to Ling then Disu can't comment. Sadly I can't be that precise with remembering player choices, that would be far too in-depth to really pull weight for your story.

There's enough replay value in this release for five replays, I'll put it that way.
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