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January 1st, 2012, 09:52
I'd say all of them, but of course not in the same game. ;-)

As long as the inventory system is designed with the rest of the game in mind, each type can have it's own charm.

Sometimes the pure survival approach where I grab my AK, a knife, a compass and a spare magazine is a bliss. This kind of inventory encourages some kind of pre-mission planning that can be fun. "Should I bring my dragon slaying rod today?"

Sometimes it's a big relief to just be able to loot anything that isn't welded to the floor. And sometimes I like the intricacies and frustrations of a fully detailed inventory system.

As long as the game doesn't expect me to loot 20 chests and put it into 4 slots I'm happy with any approach.

One feature I don't appreciate is hordes of randomized loot. If there is too much loot I don't appreciate it anymore and it just becomes a burden.
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