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January 2nd, 2012, 01:58
Originally Posted by cacaro View Post
This is exactly what I wanted to hear - games focusing on choices and consequences are rare enough in the indie scene, let alone the rpgmaker scene, which seems to be focused on generic Final Fantasy-wannabes (yes, I do know there are non-linear and choice-based games made with RPGMaker, but they're few and far between).

I'm curious to see how this project will turn out.
I'm all with you, many games don't do this stuff right if at all.

And the download link goes to the demo worked on for 9+ months. I do the Minecraft method of game releases, typically I make 1+ hours of new content before releasing a new version. The game should last you 2-3 hours and you can playthrough 5 times with it's current replay value.

Plus it's challenging, there is little to no need for grinding, and your skills are picked by you.

Go for it, enjoy, and give me some feedback. I appreciate the support!
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