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January 2nd, 2012, 20:47
Huh. I just finished Skyrim a couple a days ago after simply getting bored. All in all I think I put in maybe 60-70 hours, finishing all the larger questlines and the main quest at level 48. In the end I just ran through the end quest. Storywise Skyrim is a mess, I don't actually care for even a single character. The sidequests in Oblivion were actually better in by book, even though Oblivions main quest was even worse than Skyrims.

I felt more guilty killing a rabbit for its soul than for wiping out an entire town. And I ALWAYS play the good guy simply because I feel bad when I do bad things. But in Skyrim I just don't care.

I'm looking forward to the GOTY of FO:NV so I can play it, I've been holding off. It sounds like it'll be a much greater experience than Skyrim.
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