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January 4th, 2012, 00:32
A word of warning: There are problems with some Logitech keyboards/mice and KVM swtiches. Quite often you'll see on Logitech support faqs that KVM switches are not supported. In some cases using an alternative hot-key setup for switching between PCs may work, in other cases it's not so simple. A couple of months ago I had to return a keyboard I had bought (K750) because of this.

One more thing: There is an alternative to KVM switches which is cheaper: Stardock's Multiplicity software. It's not really a switch, more like using several computers at the same time from one keyboard/mouse. In this case keyboard/mouse events are sent from one primary computer to one or more secondary machines over the network, you "switch" between them by moving the mouse pointer. The downside is that the primary computer must alwasy be turned on, and all connected PC's needs their own monitor, but that may be acceptable when using a laptop as the secondary machine. I've tried it, works OK, better than the KVM in some cases (when you just want a larger "desktop"). But I use the switch far more than Multiplicity.
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