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January 4th, 2012, 03:32
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I'm amazed that some of you have nearly 300 hours in Skyrim already.

I'm also assuming you meant Gothic 3 instead of Gothic 2, right? I find it hard to believe anyone could squeeze 167 hours out of G2.
No my man, that is Gothic 2 I'm talking bout
on my third go though
and that 167 hours on that one go through alone

My first go through was a paladin - that was easy
you get might and you get magic - that was with the initial game package

my second go round (about 2 year later) was as a mage with night of the raven
the beginning is hard but once you get high enough the magic
the game gets a lot easier

my third 3 through was as a mercenary - I played this year (Night of Raven)
mercs don't get magic only the lame potions- it was hard for me
hence 167 hours - probably around 300 hours total.

for me, the Gothic 2 world still hold together and its fun exploring. I think the reason I can easily put in a ton of hours in a game is usually when I play, the initial object of my game play is not to complete the game but to live in the game world. For example Gothic 2 has a lot of mountains to climb (game play that is not in any way part of the game) and getting to the top can be very interesting. It sometimes even breaks the game. For example there is one mountain range in Gothic 2 by that snapper like beast by the waterfalls. If you can reach the top of those mountains and safely land on the other side you will be in the Night of the Raven land. (note: cant get to far thought the game will eventually crash)

Or I found this one mountain area that is real easy to access but one strip of land is very narrow and unless you are uber careful you will fall to your death. After successfully negotiating the terrain I lured a bunch of bandits to me - Of course I knew how to get to the safe area but they didn't. And about 5 of them fell to their deaths. Hence 167 hours

As far as Skyrim - well that is a huge world full of all kinds of stuff I made up for me to do - and snow terrain is my favorite gaming terrain.

As far an Fallout Vegas -I basically wrapped up all the quests and the main quest pretty much wraps up the game- but now I have DLC to attend to.
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