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January 4th, 2012, 16:24
I own almost every paradox (video) game ever made, so you can probably call me a bit of a paradox fanboy (I even have some from before the time they were known as Paradox). And I agree about the larger nations, having to fight wars all over the world and colonize as much as possible can be a bit tiresome. I usually find the mid-sized kingdoms, those who have a serious shot at becoming a major power, but that don't have to deal with everything right from the very start of the game to be the most fun, basically the secondary powers that don't start in a position of inevitable war (and those are also the ones that are supported well by both games).

Of course, if Denmark is a neighbor, then war is inevitable. As a swede I can never forgive what they did…

(Or in the case of Crusader Kings, I prevent them from every doing anything)
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