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January 4th, 2012, 18:02
I must say that I more and more understand this "junk problem", too.
Especially since I had chosen a Splinterskull Stafffrom my last Tangleroot Gorge run, which gives my char the ability to summon a creature. But - and this is the point - he needs smelly globules consisting of bat…stuff and sulpur for that. At least they are cheap. But they also take away inventory space.

Level 7 cleric hireling "Flower" (I aquired her help at the Kundarak's Guild merchants place) is able to summon an even bigger monster than I'm able to do now. I haven't seen all 4 of us in charge yet, but plan to do so today or tomorrow, when I'll finish up my second run-through in order to defeat the current Splinterskull chief.

Flower can also heal "critical wounds". She is … I think the best hireling I've found so far.

Apropos hireling : I recently summoned another hireling, I think he was a Drow, who entered my quest with the words … of something like … "let's hurry, I've got to finish 4 other dungeons today !"

Apart from all of this stuff I plan to buy a "Turbine Points" card within the next few weeks. I still find 20 euros a bit hefty, but I decided that this would be a good way to pay back the fun I had with this game, literally.
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