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January 5th, 2012, 16:32
"On piracy in general and the game’s industry hate of it: Greed on both sides has a lot to do with the issue"

wait what ?

"we’ll buy the game if it’s good."

100% true

What this guy forgets to mention is that there is NO media that can inform you how good a game is , of course i am not going to buy a game when all the sites are giving it a 10 , i am not going to buy when i see exclusives , trailers and advertisements in the same sites or see "zenimax" appearing in my peerblock .
Demos ARE a lost case since in strategy games you can never know how good late game will be ( example EU3 before patching ) and in general RPGs are too big to have a complete opinion before going deep into them so what is left to do before buying an overly expensive game ( modern ones are like 8% of my wage)
1. Renting
2. Pirating
In both cases (now that most developers are using steam) you have to use cracks so it is either becoming a robber baron or trust those who shall never be trusted and possibly waste your money - unless of course that you are buying from a developer that has never let you down .
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