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January 5th, 2012, 16:25
LOL at people just justifying stealing….really?? You take a chance with everything you buy, from such mundane things as food/clothing, to bigger ticket items like guns, cars, even homes. Any purchase could lead to a lemon, and when you DO get burned, you take the refund route, you don't steal the next to compensate for your lack of vision/research beforehand. I've ran into return situations where I've had to write letters to get my money back, or do phonecalls, but in the end I never got burned in the pocket.

Oh, and if 50 bucks is that dear to a person, they should be saving more or working harder, imo. If it's a choice between buying a game or food, I suggest the food! I don't think anything makes me see red more than people ever saying stealing is ok, or warranted.

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