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January 5th, 2012, 17:49
I have started abandoning more and more games that I buy - it simply isn't worth my precious time to complete them. Could be a sign of aging of course - I'm less easily impressed than I was years ago. So many things seems derivative. I quite like the idea of paying a nominal fee for the first few hours, and then paying extra to get more (up to some max). The devil is in the detail of course. But a new business model which encourages quality content would be great.

@ Carnifex - I did precisely what Lar (?) did when I was a teenager - copied tapes at a friend's placed so I could play new C64 games. I did not have the money to buy games, and 'everyone did it' (well, except for the really rich kids). I can now afford the games I want and I buy them. Do I feel any residual guilt? Nope.
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