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January 5th, 2012, 18:16

For one did you know you can't return games once they have been opened and you would need to open it to try it. Also in every one of your examples there is usually a way to try it out from being able to inspect a home before buying, doing a test drive and inspection of a car, to trying samples at a store, and trying on clothing. (there is also rent to buy with certain things) With games though (mostly PC though) even if there is a demo very rarely is the demo representative of the game and many times it is an outright lie to get you to buy.

PS. I only buy games for full price I am sure of and otherwise I either don't bother with the game or buy it cheap. I will also rent the Xbox 360 version of some games to see if I like it but I don't like using my 360 so that isn't often.
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