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January 5th, 2012, 20:28
One of the biggest problems with Cloud Streaming is going to be the bandwidth usage caps applied by the ISPs. Mine just started implementing those in the past year in the US and I approach the max every month with four active Internet users in the house. Many of my friends in Canada or Australia would love to have the allowance I get though. For instance Rage was just on the Steam Holiday sale, but just to download it would have taken 1/3 of my Canadian friends monthly allotment.

Other technical limitations are going to have to be overcome as well for streaming to go more mainstream. As I mentioned, there are four Internet users in my household. I barely meet the bandwidth requirements for one person to play a streaming game at a time, much less all of us. It's already noticeable if I watch Netflix and someone fires up YouTube or other bandwidth intensive activity. Until the infrastructure is upgraded I am at the maximum speed that I can get through my ISP.

I almost didn't buy the Dragon Knight Saga due to the DRM even though I enjoyed Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinty. I do not like having the limited installs, but price got low enough on a Steam sale to make me go ahead and get it anyway. Having Steam DRM is bad enough, but having more DRM on top of that was enough to make me wait until the price was very low. The limited installs was just patched out recently, though I have finished the game months ago by now.
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