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January 5th, 2012, 20:59
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
I disagree with the bugginess argument, however, unless you are talking about bugs that are so extreme that you actually cannot play the game. Otherwise, why should games be held to a higher standard than any other sort of software application, which regularly ship with lots of bugs?
I don't think it is acceptable for ANY software to be shipped in a heavily bugged state.

Unless you are playing pac-man, you will never get to zero bugs because fixing some bugs often results in new bugs or glitches, and this is directly proportional to the complexity of the game.
Yes and no. It's understandable that they can't foresee every single bug given the vast differences in users setups. However, when you see a game get a massive update THE DAY IT IS RELEASED, then obviously those are bug fixes that could have and should have been fixed before hand.

A great example of a game shipped with what they claimed was an unforeseeable bug is Civ IV. When it got to market, it was unplayable if you had just about any ATI video card. This wasn't a case of a handful of cards had an issue, it was nearly ANY ATI video card. They did patch it eventually, but they acted completely surprised when this bug started being reported. Really? You couldn't load up the RC of the game on a few machines with ATI cards?

The problem is that we accept it. I don't really care when a game has some small glitch that makes the rules set be off in a few places, or just that the rules set isn't translated perfectly from PnP or whatever (seems like that is what a large number of the Fix Packs you see out there 'fix'), but when a game is unplayable, or large portions of the game don't work properly, THE GAME SHOULD NOT BE SHIPPED. Even if you can complete it with those portions not working.

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