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January 6th, 2012, 07:17
Originally Posted by Eron View Post
no attributes… wtf.. anyone here even really care about this release?
Wait a second, there! The attributes ARE there. You just don't assign them yourself. What's good about that?!

Well, say you roll a witch doctor and assign the points how you imagine they should be… Then find a level 40 required weapon that requires 80 int, but you only put 40 on to int!!!

Oh, we've all been there, right? So how did we deal with it? Spoilers! We'd go find the best armor set on some website and then tailor our stats so we could use it at exactly the required level for maximum power!

Clearly assigning attributes is more a way for people to RUIN their characters irreparably since you either have what you require or wasted your time on a gimped toon.
(The way I see it its pretty much a 1 or 0 affair. Perfect stat assignment = 1, almost there 0.8, rubbish 0.1. This new system everyone rolls a 1. Your stats are ON, they're correct, they're true! The old method didnt have "good" builds, they were either incorrect or correct.)

Likewise, with the "gain 1 new spell/ability every level" with the "ability to swap your moves in and out" setup will actually be awesome. Who has the time to reroll your level 50 barbarian just because you want to have a go with maces for a change but you're speced swords? Thats not replayability, thats grindwork!

A perfect example here is my old World or Warcraft rogue. Before the days of "dual spec" I used to waste 100% of my gold on respecs to switch between my daggers build or my maces build for pvp. I never even got an epic flying mount cos it all went on respecs!

The only problem I have with D3 so far is it seems waaaay too easy. At least theres hardcore mode.
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