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January 6th, 2012, 08:12
He could have written this about any game. I guess he used skyrim to generate hits.

Why use real world logic in a fantasy world?

Maybe they age really slowly in skyrim and 25 yrs wouldn't seem so long for a plan and that would also explain why the thieves guild members seem so young but still know about karliah. Maybe gallus was paranoid and that's why he wrote his journal in falmer. Maybe people in skyrim are naive and impulsive and that's why they believed karliah and the journal right away. Maybe people in skyrim just aren't that smart in skyrim, they do repeat themselves over and over again. They will marry a complete stranger because they did a favor for them.

It's just as easy to rationalize and use your imagination to fill plot holes as it is to tear it apart. Obviously negativity generates hits so shame us took the easy route.
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