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January 7th, 2012, 09:39
OK so finished the main quest (Nerevarine) at level 29 which I thought was surprisingly good. I'm playing a dark elf with 100% destruction and 100 short sword, 81 light armor (glass). Lots of summoning enchantments to spawn these simultaneously:
- Fire antioch
- Dremora
- Greater Bone Walker
- skamp
- skeleton minion

I thought I was pretty tough…. until I met that crazy SOB in the Mournhold courtyard with ebony armor. I can't kill him, but I have him floating in the moat. As long as I don't go near the moat he is a non factor.

Then I went to the Mournhold sewers under Godreach. Holy CRAP!!! These goblins carve through my summoned defenses in 2 seconds and pound me to dust 2 seconds later. With my agility at 65 I'm knocked down pretty consistently - which is a recipe for certain death.

So I went back in Vvardenfell scrapping the magic emphasis and developing for full tilt melee. I'm now level 36, with 100 strength, 100 Agility, 80 Heavy Armor (Ebony) 90 long sword.

In short, I've come to the conclusion that I have to be as heavy in Melee as I am in magic, since Magic it is pretty useless in Mournhold it seems… All the goblins are resisting magic anyway.

The balance of Tribunal just seems odd to me. Oh well, at least its a new challenge….
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