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January 8th, 2012, 22:44
We don't really have a leveling schedule, and you're always welcome to run with us; we've split the group before when running more than 6, and it's no problem to do so again. As far as leveling, those of use who can level faster usually hold, or bank, levels if we get too far ahead of the others.

The problem lies in the fact that Corwin won't be playing at all, and with 3 weeks it's quite possible we outlevel him by quite a bit in that time; enough to put him well behind and unable to contribute effectively in the same level quests as us. Either we run stuff at his level, over-powering it, or he runs stuff at our level, and struggles with it.

I propose we leave our second group with Corwin, so at least he will have someone to group with on off nights to try and catch up some. This leaves JM out in the cold so to speak, since she doesn't have a second, and shouldn't be expected to build one just to account for one irregular event in the usual time frame. Same with Peter creating another. 4 Paladins should be enough for him as it is.

An alternative is Peter farming out one of his characters to 12, which will push him into the mid levels with the rest of us and allow us to run those instead. Must simpler than anyone building a new character, which they don't necessarily want, and our main group of TRs can still run with Corwin's Ranger when he gets back from whale and pirate chasing.
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