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January 8th, 2012, 22:47
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
2011 for me

Best RPG:
The Witcher 2

Most promising RPG:
Risen 2

Most promising Indie RPG:
Age of Decadence
Yeah that's almost exactly how I voted as well. I'm glad that RPGwatch users are generally able to appreciate very different types of games within their favorite genre. Yeah we can be guilty of using the false dilemma (false dichotomy) and similar fallacies in arguing over preferences. For the most part though it seems that users here are not so overly invested in their opinions on these games that they can not accept that someone could genuinely and validly enjoy a game they did not.

At least when we do get into silly fights over say Skyrim v Darksouls v The Witcher 2, we are having a silly and fallacy filled argument over games with very different approaches and executions. Compare that to arguments that crop up in FPS of the year award comment threads. We might get into flame wars over what amounts to porter vs. lager but at least ours don't sound like arguments over Budweiser vs. Bud Select.
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