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January 8th, 2012, 23:00
Most of those requests seem pretty reasonable sorts of things for a lot of gamers. When I saw the title I was expecting the sort of garbage you often hear from self-labled hardcore gamers; the things that remind me of this:


After reading the actual article and introduction to the followup in particular, it is obvious that these are not the gamers they are speaking to or wish to come across as speaking for. The addendum to the list makes it particularly clear that the author thinks the label is not particularly useful and that the dichotomy between casual and "hardcore" gamers is not only a false split but that this perception leads developers to make worse games.

All-in-all a decent list of requests which includes features I would like to see more of and bemoans developer habits I can't stand (like unskippable long cutscenes which make launching or replaying the game tedious). Probably not something many people who would actually call themselves "hardcore gamers" would agree with, but something I and many gamers I know would and that looks to be the author's intent.
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