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January 8th, 2012, 23:01
Drakensang TRoT was a 2010 game for me. It came out 15-10-2010 in the Netherlands in English (original slated date was 29-10 but they moved it before New Vegas, I guess they saw the problem). I probably played it into the year 2011. Unlike last year (read: 2010), this year publishers wisely avoided putting out a big RPG shortly after a time consuming RPG release of the caliber of New Vegas (read: Skyrim).

I guess it's the problem of an international site. Or more precise of some titles that are not getting an in sync release around the world.

I'm actually proud that I was able to play most of the big rpgs this year (excluding LotR War in the North) in the actual year of release. (What I've seen from some let's plays gives me more of a First Templar/Hunted: Demon's forge feel but that's not really having played it myself)

Some other big non-rpg games of 2011 I still have to play so I couldn't vote for them on a similar poll on a general gaming Dutch website. But an rpg has my attention first.

2.The Witcher 2
(3. Deus Ex:HR, but I would place Drakensang TRoT here if it would apply for me althought it is of no consequence to the poll)

1. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (although having some reservations about look and being tied to an mmo, but hoping to see some spirit of Morrowind)
2. Risen 2: Dark Waters

I selected none in de indie polls because I only played some Bastion and that would seem unfair to the others.

For promising indie I picked none because they're all getting delayed to 2013.
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